Mixing Options and Rates

Per Song Mixing Rate:


Editing , EQ work, added effects, and any adjustments to levels or panning. (Up to 64 Tracks. if you require a higher track count, it will be an additional $10.00USD per track)

Standard timeline: $200.00USD per song completion time between 7-10 business days including 3 revisions

Rush timeline: $300.00USD pers song completion time between 3-6 business days including 3 revisions

Note: Track adding or replacing will be an additional cost of $10.00USD per track


Hourly Mixing Rates: (Touch up Mixing and or extended ongoing mix sessions past the completion date due to excessive revisions and or track adding and replacements).

(Best service for songs that you have recorded and mixed all your material and feel the final mixdown is fairly good, but you know a lot more can be done to it – you just don’t have the time, experience, or equipment to get it there).

Hourly Rate: $40.00USD per hour.


QUESTIONS? Feel free to contact us we are here to help.  Also call for Mixing and Mastering Packaged discounts!!

+81 – 90 – 4267 – 7428



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